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Interior living room design

PLOTT 4 is dedicated to delivering design solutions made to inspire, enhance and maximise the use of light and space. Our philosophy is to create and offer alternative approaches for all your household's needs  within your home, working closely to interpret our clients dreams and aspirations.

Transforming Your Surroundings understand that your home is more than just a living space, it's a place where you create memories and connect with your loved ones. That's why our philosophy is to create and offer alternative approaches for all your household's needs within your home, Working closely to interpret our clients dreams and aspirations. 


Livingroom with view to garden concept
kitchen skylight concept image
open plan kitchen-living concept
External front concept for redesigned home
Abbey Gradens rear view drawing

Abbey Gardens_RevB

"By applying creative and technical solutions to your home PLOTT 4 can deliver a flowing, efficient, stylish environment, ensuring mental and physical health are enhanced by our living space."

Our homes are increasingly used to meet multiple demands for work and leisure and across the generations.. To create harmony across the household  requires a certain depth of insight and a very personalised project.


PLOTT 4 offers design consultation to improve your living space and can even advise in "decluttering" and the creation of space-efficient solutions. 

The creative design process follows a series of meetings with the client to better understand  the available options, in line with your dreams and wishes. This requires  confident knowledge of buildings and insight into the creative process, to ensure the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to produce an interiors and exteriors that fulfil the project goals..

Geometric Design


Marina took our project when we were at a "cross-roads",

Marina took our project when we were in “cross-roads”, having lost a bit of our energy and focus. She immediately made the pertinent questions we were not asking ourselves. What our living space meant for us, how did we want to feel in it?

She is an extremely responsive architectural designer to work with in person and remotely. Beyond her professional expertise and knowledge of the different software’s she has a sensitivity to interior design and knows what makes spaces flow and function. She swiftly fulfilled our need to see our plans in a 3D form which helped us immensely on the decision-making process. We truly recommend her services and feel grateful we have worked with her.

Wooden Staircase

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