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discover the full potential of your space with plott 4

Your living space should be somewhere you can completely relax and unwind. Sometimes, these spaces can become cluttered and feel overwhelming, which can stop us from being able to enjoy the day-to-day. The Plott 4 design team can help you reclaim the harmony and functionality of your space without needing to resort to costly and disruptive renovations. Our decades of experience in property maintenance in Brighton and Hove, coupled with a passion for innovative design solutions, have led us to develop a unique house decluttering service that is sure to revitalise your property.

decluttering services in brighton

With our house decluttering service, we aim to harness the potential of your existing space. By reorganising and optimising the use of your current possessions and furniture, we can transform your living environment. There's no need to undergo a full-scale renovation when well-executed decluttering can achieve the desired results.

property maintenance in brighton & beyond

Beyond interior transformations, our services extend to comprehensive property maintenance in Brighton and Hove. We will organise and manage for you within the allocated times of the day of your preference. This not only includes interior but also exterior work such as gardening. Keeping on top of your property can be tricky to fit into a busy schedule, so allow us to do it for you. We can schedule any maintenance and keep your home running efficiently and looking beautiful.

benefits of our decluttering & maintenance services

Cost-Effective: Our approach not only saves you the hefty expenses associated with renovations but also adds value to your property.


Efficiency: We are experts in utilising the space you already have, making it appear brand new, and optimising functionality.


Minimal Disruption: Unlike major renovation projects, our decluttering and maintenance service ensures minimal disturbance to your daily life.

your space, your style

Plott 4 strongly holds that a thoughtfully designed home plays a pivotal role in fostering joy in your lifestyle. Our creative design process involves multiple consultations to understand the vision you have for your space. We are experienced in Brighton property maintenance, and we leverage this expertise to ensure your needs and resources are met, resulting in interiors and exteriors that align perfectly with your project goals.

get in touch

For decluttering and maintenance solutions that reflect your unique lifestyle and preferences, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for a free consultation. Unlock the hidden beauty of your existing space with the help of Plott 4.

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